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Bluetooth Accessories — Just Mobile RoKy2 Bluetooth Keyboard


As we have previously discussed here at Computer Takeaway, the real drawback with PDAs and mobile phones when it comes to a truly mobile computing experience is the size and therefore accessibility of the built-in keyboards. In general, the mobile phone keypads are not very good for writing emails, and even the best PDA keyboards are limited in their scope.

Finally we have had the chance to test a truly innovatively designed keyboard made out of fabric. The choice of fabric as the base for the keyboard allows for much greater portability in comparison to other bluetooth keyboards on the market and means that the overall size of the bluetooth keyboard for transport is only around the size of a mobile phone. It is easily small enough to fit in a pocket. The fabric used is also water-repellent and stain resistant.

The Just Mobile RoKy² Bluetooth Keyboard comes with the fabric keyboard, 2 x AAA batteries (apparently enough to power the keyboard for ~ 10 hours of continuous use), a nylon case and a simple, but effective, clip stand for a mobile phone or PDA.

Having experienced the convoluted installation required by the Ubiquio Skype Bluetooth Keyboard, we were slightly apprehensive about this on. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the Just Mobile website has an easy to navigate support area, which provides quickstart manuals and drivers for most operating systems (Palm, Symbian S60, Symbian UIO, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Windows XP). [19659002] The total setup time for us to get the keyboard up and running on our N95 (8GB) was about ten minutes, and thereafter it took only seconds to connect each time we wanted to type.

The feel of the keyboard is obviously completely different to standard keyboards, but is not difficult to become accustomed to, although the only slight drawback that we found with the keyboard was that it tended to slide on polished surfaces if we typed to hard.

The keyboard offers the same features as a laptop keyboard for use with a mobile phone or PDA and it does it really well.